Learning about and making friends with new technologies

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New technologies have changed the global infrastructure of the media and the ways and forms of communication. There have also been changes in gathering and spreading information in our professions. As a result, traditional lessons and courses in education have been facing the need to change as well. Our young students show a lot of interest in acquiring practical skills that enable them to play, study or work on the Internet but many of them only keep looking for new applications and do not necessarily understand the inherent risks. These new tools can become dangerous because our learners (as digital natives) are very often our teachers from a technological point of view but it is also necessary to develop their knowledge about the risks of the new media. The development of media literacy based on the recognition of human rights can help prevent the dangers. Designing and using good multimedia educational products, this training session may be a little step in this direction.
Ivo Piperkov and Ildikó Lázár, Pestalozzi Programme, Council of Europe
Target group: 
Teachers of all level and all subjects