Students on the Internet: What issues? What meanings? What limits?

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Social Networks, Chat, Bookmarking, Wiki, Media sharing, Blogs, Games, Shopping
This training session is focused on secondary school students and the ways they exploit the possibilities provided by Web 2.0. The aim is for participating teachers to better understand teenagers’ habits when it comes to the powerful tools provided by the Internet. Students’ use of Web 2.0 will be examined in relation to human rights in order to determine methods to introduce media literacy to students at school and to propose media education tools adapted to the students’ needs and interests. This also means that teachers will have to design strategies to convince the participants of the educational community to show responsible behavior in the use of Web 2.0 and to make them aware that Web 2.0 is not only a space of total freedom but also just another space where human rights must be respected like everywhere else.
Agathi Erotokritou and Ildikó Lázár, Pestalozzi Programme, Council of Europe
Target group: 
Teachers secondary level, all subjects