Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud application, which allows users to upload files (e.g. documents, spreadsheets) for storing, sharing and editing. At Google Drive you can create folders and subfolders to manage all documents. Moreover not only uploaded files can be stored, shared or edited with Google Drive. There is an instant link to Google Docs a free web-based offer that allows you to create text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings.
Resources required: 
You can use Google Drive with - PC and Mac - Chrome OS - iPhone und iPad - Android devices You can download Google Drive to PC or Mac and use it like any other hard drivers on your device. The mobile app shows you all your content and gives chance to follow changes and edit files.
Depending needed space. - 5 GB - free - 25 GB (Drive, Picassa and Gmail) – $ 2,49/month - 100 GB (Drive, Picassa and Gmail) – $ 4,99/month - 200 GB (Drive, Picassa and Gmail) – $ 9,99/month - 400 GB (Drive, Picassa and Gmail) – $ 19,99/month - … - 16 TB (Drive, Picassa and Gmail) – $ 799,99/month
Setup and configuration: 
To use Google Drive you need to have a Google Account. Free registration is necessary in order to use all Google Tools. Moreover system requirements are: For Windows - Windows Vista - Windows XP - Windows 7 - Windows 8 For Mac - Mountain Lion (10.8) - Lio
Styling is not largely varied. Some adjustments such as size of view, sort, list or grid can be changed at online mode. The desktop folder of Google Drive is designed like any other folder of used device. When using Google Drive with Windows, the style of
Navigation and operation: 
There are two main operation file upload and instant access to Google Docs. Depending on divice and off- or online use, navigation is easy but slightly different according to browser, producer of device or mobile phone
How to use it: 
Login, upload or create file, share with anybody you like. The menu is really simple: create and upload on the lefthand side; overview of content in the middle of the page; login and logout at the top. You can manage your files by creating folders and sufolders, and view all files via click. If you want to share a file with, just place a tick in front of the filename and a new menu apperas at the top of the list. You can define exactly who has access to the individual file because for each file, an own separate link is created. You can decide if this link is available for public, or just a select group of people who receive the link via email, or if the specific file is private and not visible for any other person. Additionally editing – same time if required- is possible. An access to the files can be enabled by any device with internet.
Examples of use: 
- Same time Collaboration – working groups can create a presentation, documents etc. at the same time by using instant link to Google Docs.
Other issues: 
Mobile Edition for iPhone and android