PBworks is an online application for team collaboration. It is hosted so no software download is needed. PBworks allows all users to create a wiki, store and share different files (eg. text, video, spreadsheets) and edit all files.
Resources required: 
PBworks is accessible from any computer or mobile device, so teams can use it anywhere they go.
Depending on user group. For “Education” there are different possibilities: - Basic Free: 1 workspace , 100 users, 2GB storage, Limited customization – Hobbyists & Clubs, Personal Use, Productivity - Classroom $99/year: 1 workspace, 100 users, 40GB storage, full customization - K-12 Classrooms, College Classrooms, Libraries - Campus $799/year: unlimited workspace, 1000 users, 40GB storage, full customization School Districts, College Campuses, Library Systems
Setup and configuration: 
To use PBworks you need to create an account first, confirm via email and choose security settings. After sign in you can start to create: wiki, upload files, link, share, customize etc. There are also examples eg. syllabus for French 101, given to suppor
It is possible to change colours, logo and export. You can change the access controls (workspace security, notifications and RSS, classroom accounts) and advanced settings (developer interface, delete account, licences). The free basics account is limited
Navigation and operation: 
The navigation is supported by paths and tabs, guiding on the top of the page. That makes it really easy to know which workspaces you are editing and to get an overview of all your content. The standard taps are: Wiki, Pages and Files, Users and Settings.
How to use it: 
Pbworks is really easy to use. Chose and click at a standard tap and more help is given. At the tab “Wiki” additional tabs called “view” and “edit”, help users to create text and links. The tab “Pages & Files” is for uploading files, manage file library, create new pages and many more. Moreover with the tab “Users” more users can be added and “Settings” allows to change eg. title of workspace, set description etc.
Examples of use: 
Syllabus – inform the class about all topics you want to discuss, and let them comment everything and get a joint decision of working program Share files – without mailing, just upload and link files at your workspace, and share it only with your class Create Learning Materials – involve class; let them help you to create learning materials, etc. Create materials for teachers in your school – collaborative online working, you can chose who is allowed to join the group
Other issues: 
Intuitive navigation, good overview and quick links – easy to handle. But mind: content need to be planned and structured in order to prevent confusion
Useful tips: 
Mobile Edition for iPhone and Blackberry,