Voxopop is a voice discussion tool, similar to a traditional text-based forum, that allows users to communicate by using audio recorded messages asynchronously. Users can record their message, upload it in the net and listen whenever they like. Users can create topic discussion groups – called properly talkgroups. Groups can be public, restricted or private.
Resources required: 
Adequate bandwidth, internet access, microphone and speakers; Flash Player browser plugin, JavaScript enabled
Completely free
Setup and configuration: 
To use voxopop you need to have a valid email address that allows you to register. You can be a non registered user but you can’t create or join talkgroups.
The site is very easy to use.
Navigation and operation: 
In the home page you can find a toolbar that allows you to access different sections: home, explore, start a talkgroup, help, about:, blog, contact. You can also find the direct link to signing in, to listen to the latest talkgroups, to see the newest one
How to use it: 
How can you create discussion within a talkgroup? The first thing to do is to access www.voxopop.com, create your free account and then log in. Now you can create your talkgroup by clicking on the button “start a talkgroup”. Inside it you can create a lot of different discussion, select what type of group, the category you refer to, and select an image. You have to give a description of your talkgroup. Then clicking on the button “creating my talkgroup” at the bottom of the page you create it. Then, since there are no topics yet, you have to record the first one to start your talkgroup. You have to register your message, give it a title and save the message. After the message has been saved you can come back to your discuss group, see and listen to your audio message. How can you participate in an existing discussion? You have to join the talkgroup you are interested in, listen the discussion message and then click on the record button, to reply to the discussion.
Examples of use: 
A language teacher can set a subject and ask all students to join in an ongoing conversation in the target language. This will require authentic language use and preparation. To improve pronunciation in a target language: teachers may propose one or more readings to practice with; students can first learn the pronunciation by themselves and when they think they have reached a good level, can register as they read and share their reading through voxopop; teachers can listen to several recordings and correct and give suggestions to their students
Other issues: 
It’s possible to upload and share messages on blogs and social networks, Twitter or Facebook. Best to train users before using.
Useful tips: 
Voxopop has been designed to work well with all browsers. It needs Flash Player for playing audio and Java for voice recording. Another useful link related to Voxopop is :VoiceThread