Tecnologías Educativas

Referring Tools: 
Multimedia presentations, information searching, "polimedia" specific tool
With a video projector and a computer connected to the Internet you can do amazing things in the classroom. Even without this equipment, you can use the various services and platforms available on the Internet to create a new and enriching learning experience. You will learn how to find information on the internet very useful for teaching. Also learn how to use tools to create stunning visual presentations and stimulating. Know many platforms and online tools that allow you to create new teaching-learning experiences and create an incredibly effective communication, both teacher-student and student-student. Learning with technology is multi-platform, multi-device, and extends beyond the classroom, even in a global way.
Universitat Politècnica de València - Miguel Ferrando y Ot.
Target group: 
Higher Education professors. Language = Spanish.
Positive elements: 
clear, direct, use of mixed multimedia-show and lecturer video.
Specifically oriented to Polimedia, a tool to combine face to face sessions and distance work with Multimedia shows and traditional lectures. 11 weeks from 4/2/2012