Recursos de la Web 2.0 aplicados a la Educación

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all the tools (more than 100 tools)
This website aims to present Web 2.0 tools for learning, developing basic skills to use these tools. These resources are used in courses and seminars and are distributed under a Creative Commons license. The first section covers basic concepts of Web 2.0 while the following resources are grouped by concepts of Web 2.0 applied to Education, such as: Participating. Information society. Searching information. Creating knowledge. Creating and sharing documents. Media at the Web Educational resources. Social Networks Work and study environments. Other technologies.
Antonio Bartolomé. LMI-UB (Laboratory of Interactive Media, University of Barcelona)
Target group: 
Teachers at every level. Language = Spanish.
Positive elements: 
The structure and organization of information based on knowledge and learning concepts and tasks. Based on Learning objects concept: two data base of one or 4-pages resources, that are updated independently of website.
Most of the tools lack of teaching and workin strategies description.