Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software between whiteboards and slides. The zoom able canvas makes it possible to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: presentations that lead your audience.
Resources required: 
Adequate bandwidth, internet access, Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher installed, JavaScript enabled, minimum 1GB memory, a scroll mouse or touchpad. Supported browsers: • Internet Explorer 7 or higher • Google Chrome • Firefox 3 or higher • Safari 3 or higher
Prezi Public $ 0.- Prezi Enjoy $ 4,92/month (30 days trial free) Student & Teachers $ 0.- Prezi Pro $ 13,25/month (30 days trial free) Student & Teachers $ 4,92
Setup and configuration: 
No setup necessary, easy registration: For offline access a PreziDesktop version in Prezi Pro and Edu Pro is available. Setup:
40 ready made templates are available in Prezi and there are 12 themes you can use. Objects you can build into your Prezi presentation: • Text • Graphics • Video (youtube) • PowerPointPresentations • Drawings • Files. All objects can be zoomed and rotated
Navigation and operation: 
A navigation tool with 5 bulbs in the top left corner of the screen is used. These allow any objects, text and images in the presentations. All objects can be connected together by joining them with a path. The path can join the objects across the whole w
How to use it:
Examples of use: 
Example of a history lesson: Example of a language lession: Example of a business lesson: Example of a literature lesson:
Other issues: 
You can use your Prezi presentation online in virtual meetings by sending around an URL. The link expires 10 minutes after being created by you. Additional you can invite people to work together with you in the presentation. A maximum of 10 users can work together on a Prezi presentation at the same time.
Useful tips: 
It is possible to make a copy of lots of public Prezi presentations to “Your prezis” and to use it and work on at these presentations.