Delicious – is a social bookmarking service that enables users to tag, save, share and discover web content through website located at There are different type of web content available in Delicious: Content - links, text, graphics, images, audio, video, information or other materials. Stack - a grouped collection of bookmarks on a particular theme. To get started, drop the Delicious bookmarklet in your browser bar and use it to add websites to themed stacks. Personalize each link with your comments and invite friends and colleagues to contribute their own links as well. You can keep your stack private, or, when it’s ready to share, publish your stack and help others discover your finds.
Resources required: 
PC or laptop, Internet connection, standard browser. However, some problems have been noted with Chrome
Setup and configuration: 
Once you've set your username, you can't change it. If you want, you can use the export and import features in your settings to move your links to a new account that you create.
It’s not possible to change Delicious layout style or colours but it is possible to create different Stacks with pictures, information, links etc
Navigation and operation: 
Delicious is a user-friendly service for collecting bookmarks. There are three main activities under the Profile: My Links, My Stacks and My Feeds. My Links – all interesting links (bookmarks) the user has collected; My Stacks – collection of bookmarks,
How to use it: 
Saving Links: You have a few options for saving links. The easiest way to save links to Delicious is with the bookmarklet that you install in the toolbar of your browser. It is a simple button you use when you're browsing the web. Finding Interesting Links: In the top menu on, click the Delicious logo to head to the homepage. There you'll find a collection of featured stacks as well as categories where you can find recent and popular stacks and links saved and created by members of the Delicious community. Make a stack: To get started, log in and click the "create Stack" button on the top right of any page on Delicious. Once you choose a title for your stack, you have the option to select links already saved in your "My Links" list, add individual links one by one, or use the bookmarklet to save links directly to a stack as you browse the web. Sharing and Discovering: You can click the arrow shaped share button on individual links or the "Share Stack" button on stacks to share them with friends. Following: Following allows you to see new stacks and links posted on Delicious by other users, you like. Click on your "My Feed" tab to keep track of the users and stacks you decide to follow. When you come across a user on Delicious whose collecting great stuff, click on their profile pic or user name to go to their profile page. Then, click the green "Follow" button. To follow a stack, click the big green "Follow Stack" button you see when you're looking at the stack.
Examples of use: 
Individual work: While working with articles it is possible to collect links related with a topic and tag them to group the subject. These links may be private. Group work: When working in groups it is important to make the links public, so the team members can see and tag them for categorization in order to help group members easily find the Delicious links one has added. Also it is possible to collect links to Stacks to find and share ideas with other group members. Supervision: Students you are supervising collect links they are working with and supervisor can easily follow the information using Feeds. Looking for others bookmarks: It is easy to follow web addresses bookmarked by other users, find Delicious users working in the same subject area and share information with them.
Useful tips: 
Delicious identifier: Working with mobile phone or tablet you can use Delicious identifier ( to send links to your account.