With Blogger users can create a blog that is a shared personal diary in which the creator can post his/her ideas, thoughts, comments, photos, links. Visitors to a blog can comment and respond. Blogger, created in 1999, is very similar to a web site and you don’t need registration to read a blog. You do have to register and log in if you want to write your own blog and to comment. Each blog post is listed in a blog by the date of publishing. Blog writers include many areas journalists, professionals and many amateurs as well. As the creator of a blog you can choose who can see your posts (only you, only your friends, anyone), who can comment on the blog and you can also select the posts to be saved and deleted.
Resources required: 
Desktop computer/laptop, internet connection (not necessarily broadband), email address (if you do not have one, you must create), Google account (if you don’t have one you can create it visiting
Setup and configuration: 
No software has to be installed but you need to have cookies and javascript enabled in your browser. On mobiles, you need to have an internet connection and, if necessary, to register to Blogger Mobile after download.
In Blogger you can find some ready-made templates that you can choose to create your personal blog-space. If you don’t like those offered by you can download a template available on the net for free. You can choose the colors, the font, th
Navigation and operation: 
There’s a toolbar in the top of the site you can use to manage the style and the organization of your blog. It’s very easy to use, and if you need support there’s also a specific area for support, with example forums and FAQs.
How to use it: 
These are the steps to create your blog. Enter the If you don’t have a valid email address, create one by clicking “get started”. If you have one login. You have to choose your “display name”, that’s the name other users will know you as a post publisher. Now you can create your own blog. Choose a name for your blog and then check availability for the blog url chosen. After you must select a template for your background. Your blog is ready. Now you can start posting. Give a title to your post and then write your message. You can choose the font and add images too by clicking on insert images icon. To upload images: click on uploading, choose files and select an image from your pc. When the file has been uploaded, click and select it and your picture will appear on your blog post. You can easily add captions to your photos and change the style. Once you have completed your post, you can preview, save or directly publish it.
Examples of use: 
Lectures on a topic of current interest: after presenting an argument in the classroom, students are required to do an in-depth individual and/or group to share with other students on Blogger. Students are required to find news, videos and comments related to the topic and then start a discussion group to share opinions and thoughts.
Other issues: 
Users must be trained on how to use blogger so that it can be exploited to all its potential. Blogger is owned by Google.