Audioboo is a website that lets you keep audio recordings online, sharing some or all of them with the community
Resources required: 
IOS, Android or latest Nokia phones, or a computer with web connection, audio input (e.g. Microphone) and a standard-compliant browser
Free (pro version with a yearly fee is available)
Setup and configuration: 
You can use Audioboo 2 ways: 1) install the app on your mobile phone and log in 2) open the website from your pc, set up a free account by choosing a username and password And then you can start recording audio files to be posted immediately or later.
The standard style for the site. There's not much room for customization, since the focus is on recorded audio files.
Navigation and operation: 
It's easy: after login, you can upload your recording, or listen to other's recordings. You can, like on Twitter or Facebook, follow other profiles and stay in touch with their latest recordings.
How to use it: 
To use AudioBoo you need to create an account, providing your email address and a password, and then confirm by clicking the link in the activation email. Now you can: 1. Start recording with your computer 2. Download the application on your mobile phone and use it to record wherever you are. Of course now you can also listen to other people's recordings (named Boos) and start following them. Whenever someone you're following posts a Boo, you'll be notified. After recording your Boo, you can post it on your Facebook or Wordpress, create a podcast on iTunes, or send a link to your friends to listen to it. Audioboo also has groups were you can post about specific topics, just like a text based forum.
Examples of use: 
You're in class. The teacher starts giving precise definitions about a core point of the lesson. You record audio notes in to your mobile phone and later write it down. There's no sharing at all, but the application can effectively transforms your mobile phone into a pocket recorder. You could also share with other students by using the group feature.
Other issues: 
If you want to record in a hurry delays in the hardware setup will probably make you lose the recording of the first seconds It’s possible to synchronize the Audioboo account with link to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr or other blogging platform where you exist (you have a user account) so that any materials you post on Audioboo will appear also in your network.
Useful tips: 
Check your equipment, if you want better results the microphone you use has a great impact on the final work. Pay attention to privacy laws in your country about recordings. Make sure you ask permission to record and share other people's audios.