Similar software to Adobe Connect Pro which allows organising online classes and web conferences. Major difference from Adobe Connect Pro is that WiZiQ does not require installation on a server and can be used over the web. Unlike Adobe WizIQ have specifically focused on the education market. WiZiQ enables synchronous distance learning with tools like real-time virtual classrooms with multi-way audio, up to 6 live video streams, integrated chat, interactive whiteboards, application sharing, file transfer, breakout rooms, and more.
Resources required: 
Microphone, webcam in addition to standard PC and Internet connection
30 days free for testing, after that pricing by plans. You can have a free account but there are restrictions on the number of participants etc
Setup and configuration: 
Web-based. No setup needed.
Classical styling
Navigation and operation: 
Easy to use.
How to use it: 
Registration is required prior to creating your own virtual classroom.
Examples of use: 
On the WizIQ website there are many examples of use in education see http://www.wiziq.com/classes/
Other issues: 
The WizIQ Platform includes everything you need to take your teaching online, from a virtual classroom, to functionality to create and deliver courses with assessment tools and content sharing feature, to a course marketplace. WizIQ provides exclusive features that save time and enhance collaboration between students and teachers. WizIQ also integrates with other Learning Management Systems and websites through well-documented APIs, allowing anyone, whether a middle school teacher, a private tutor, a company, a university, or anything in between to start teaching online.
Useful tips: