The Network objectives

Web2.0 is constantly evolving and the only certainty we have, is that what we see today will be different tomorrow. This project will be directed at building a sustainable network to further the work that has taken place during the project lifespan and to have the dynamism to evolve in to the future.

The project plan includes building accredited ‘Centres of Excellence’ that will form the nucleus to take the project forward. These will be used to create a cross-Europe continuing dialogue about how Web2.0 tools can be used in education and work.

The centres will also be the evaluators and holders of the empirical evaluation template and benchmarking tools to assess the effectiveness of existing and new tools. These tools can be used by the builders of Web2.0 tools and researchers to form a coherent evaluation of the effectiveness of their work.

On the project website asset of resources produced during the project will be available that will include:

  • The empirical evaluation template and benchmarking tools.
  • Reports created by project discussion groups on the current and future needs of stakeholders in education and work and how Web2.0 tools can be utilised to support these needs.
  • A set of best practices and case studies that show how various Web2.0 tools could be used.
  • A central repository containing relevant research and training materials that can be used by teachers, researchers, decision-makers and educational bodies to make informed choices.

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